Merry Christmas

This my first blog experience. I plan to tell the boring details of my life here plus put up some of my short stories from time to time. Today seems the perfect day for a Christmas story.

Merry Christmas

Santa Dies of Heart Failure
My family had been glued to the TV set since we first heard that Santa Claus was taken to The North Pole Regional Medical Center. With in a few hours our television programming was interrupted with a news flash. The reporter appeared on the screen with tears in his eyes as he reported that the jolly Old Man had died from heart failure. Later the next day there was a news break that explained that Mrs. Claus and the elves were heading back to the North Pole with a large red sack of ashes. The anchorman went onto say that the Air Force had offered an escort but Mrs. Claus chose to be guided home by Rudolph.
Needless to say that bit of news destroyed any Christmas spirit my family had.
We agreed with the President the twenty fifth of December should be a national day of mourning. Just hours before Saint Nicks ashes were to be scattered another news bulletin came across the screen; the president of Toys R Us had committed suicide.
Now even more depressed we agreed to see a play “The Christmas Carroll”. With no toys or presents to buy we had nothing but time on our hands.
One night we went to a special musical at the church. Another night we went out Caroling. We had close friends over for a meal one night. Later we set around the fire and enjoyed a bottle of special wine that had been set a side. “Christmas at the Zoo” took care of another night. One weekend was left open for trimming the tree. Then one evening was set a side for hand written notes placed carefully in each Christmas card. The weekend before Christmas was spent decorating the house and spending time with relatives.
As Christmas drew near some how the thought of Santa Claus seemed to melt away. My wife baked a cake that we took to our minister’s home. There we sipped coffee and discussed the other reason for the season. Christmas Eve came and we prepared a super of sandwiches and eggnog. Afterwards we huddled around the fire and mourned our loss. Later we joined a group of carolers that came to the door and we began to travel with them to the other houses in our neighborhood. As we sung our carols others joined the group.
I slept that night with a lighter heart than I had known in quiet a while.
The next morning I was back up and building a fire while my wife started the noon day meal. When she had finished there was enough food to feed a small army.
We looked at each other and without a word being spoken we soon found a rather large picnic basket. In a matter of minutes we were in our car heading down the road to a young widow’s home.
When we knocked on the door a small boy answered with his Christmas dinner in hand. It was a bologna sandwich. We choose not to drop the dinner off but to go inside and share it with the young woman and her 2 children. After dinner I sat in the floor and told the Christmas story to the children just as I had so many years ago to my own.
As we pulled in our driveway our own children and their spouses drove up behind us. They shared the events of the day that had taken place at there in laws and we shared ours
I banked the fire for last time later that night before retiring to bed.
As I pushed the glowing coals into a neat pile, I wondered to myself, was it possible that the world was better off without the old jelly belly man.
Merry Christmas

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4 Comments on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Deanna Says:

    Great post! Welcome to the blogging world! I am so glad that we made the decision when our boys were born not to let Santa be a part of it. We have gotten teased by some people, but that is fine with us. Last week our youngest son asked me, “Why would people want to PRETEND Santa when you can CELEBRATE Jesus… He is REAL!”

  2. Nisty Walker Says:


    Great short story.. Jesus is the true meaning of the season!

    Merry Christmas! Hope you and your family are doing well.


  3. jane Says:

    As always I enjoyed your short story. You are right about your spelling, even after all these years, but I still love your stories. I love all of your blogs, you have a way with words. I miss talking to you.

    Love ya,


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