Dec 26 The Day After

Christmas will be officially over at my house today or tomorrow. We will pack everything up and that will be the end of it. I must say this Christmas was thin on money and heavy on Jesus.

When you are short on one it seems easier to find the other. Any way we had a great Christmas. Yesterday the house was full of our kids, in laws and grandchildren.

I like most people have several passions. I suppose the three that I have in common with most people are RELIGION, POLITICS, and the ECONOMY.

I will share my views on these subjects often. You don’t have to agree in order to read this blog. Please feel free to leave your comments. If you are having a bad day go ahead and take out your anger and frustrations in the comment area. I am sure your family, friends, and boss will appreciate the fact you did.

Feel free to write what ever crosses your mind. I certainly don’t mind.

You might for instances suggest I learn how to write, spell and use comas. Just don’t suggest any books on the above subjects. Using comas are something that you can either do or not do. Spell check doesn’t know the difference between to, two or too. If you read much of what I write you will soon find out, I don’t either.

Always feel free to edit any thing you want to. Of course, that will cut back on the amount of time you have to complain about my writing.

Today’s Subject is who I think is an idiot

The winner is George Bush. The second person is I. I voted for George twice. The simple fact that I did vote gives me the right to complain and call him an idiot.

I also voted for John McCain who I knew was an idiot. I voted for him thinking I was voting for the least of two evils. Obama is for abortion and I am against it. Other than that, they were equally evil. I must say though, Obama had the more evil looking eyes.

Any way back to George. Allow me to tell you a story that describes how I feel about voting for him twice.

Once there was a nice man walking down the road. A snake came up to him standing on the very end of his tail.

He said, “Mr. can I walk along with you?”

“Sure as long as you don’t get too close.” The two walked and talked for a while. The snake steadily inching closer to the man. The man notice him getting closer but the snake was nice and talked about all the things that the man agreed with.

Then the snake said, “Mr., this walking is wearing my tail out. Mind carrying me down to the forks of the road.” The man reluctantly agreed.

Nothing happen and the man carried his new friend down to the fork. There when he started to put the snake down. The Snake viciously bit him on the neck and then took what little money he had in his pocket and left him to die.

Passers by came alone and took him to the hospital where he laid at death’s door for almost four years. Then one day the doctor came in and announced that his insurance had been canceled and he had to go. They wheeled the man to the front door and dumped him on the sidewalk.

When he looked up there stood the snake smiling at him.

The snake said, “I am so sorry Mr., about what happen to you. I have a new plan to make everything all right. All I need is someone to help me down to the fork in the road.”

The man said, “Sure I understand, I will be glad to carry you with what little strength I have left.”

Once again, the two left smiling and talking. At the fork in the road, the snake bit the man yet again.

Just like George and I. He almost broke me during the first four years and yet I was stupid enough to vote for him again.

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