What If ?????

The stock market closed up along with everyone’s hopes Friday. I know I am hoping that the stock market was the first peek of better times to come. The talking heads are even saying the economy will pick up by mid year. I need it to pick today.

We’re all counting down the days to Obama goes in office. It doesn’t matter if you think he is the Messiah or the devil. He seems to have everyone’s attention.

There is one more thing he may be. He might simply be a nothing. He might simply do what he thinks is best and not grease any one group’s hand. Now that would be strange and unusual. I am not for sure if the USA is ready for such a president.

Just think one that listens to his cabinet then simply does what he thinks is right. No matter what his party or the polls say.

No I am sure we aren’t ready for a president like that.

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2 Comments on “What If ?????”

  1. Deanna Says:

    Unfortunately, I think it would be wishful thinking. Obama may do what he “thinks” is right, but what would that be? I am afraid that the reality is that in the end it is going to be a system of “you pat my back/I’ll pat yours” politics between Obama and Pelosi. Most of the country is focusing on Obama and has forgotten the power that the two of them hold together all along.

  2. gartalker Says:


    I am in total agreement with you. That is only wishful thinking. The truth is at this point that is all we have I suppose. At least when it somes to our new president.

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