Another Dream Story


Have you ever wondered why people that are no more than acquaintances continue to pray for you and send little prayer cards? Have you ever wondered how someone that knows you so well would choose to keep on praying for you without ceasing? Maybe they have seen a glimpse of heaven and hell. Please allow me to share a dream that I recently had.


A few nights ago I went to sleep while thinking on the above. Soon I was deep in sleep, and had begun to dream. My dream soon turned into a hellish nightmare. I found myself in the lobby of a run down and rank smelling hotel. As I stood there I began to smell food mingled with the stench of death. Then I heard loud profanity and what sounded like brawling coming from behind a closed door just off the way.

Thinking I had nothing to loose and convinced I had already gone to hell, I made my way to the door. Setting at a huge table was dozens of people. Some I was sure I had known from life. On the table were mountains of rich foods. There didn’t seem to be any thing that I could think of that wasn’t there. Still the starving people setting around the table seemed to have a problem that none was willing to deal with. Growing out of what normally would have been hands were long shafted eating utensils attached to arms that seemed to have no elbows. As you might imagine, it was impossible for them to reach their own mouths.

Often they would drop their food onto the person setting next to them. This would cause a furry of obscenities and soon fighting would follow. Still, they sat starving in the mist of a banquet hall. They were so close to perishing that the scent of death drifted from their bloated bodies. As we all know hell is forever and no one escapes. Desiring freedom that only death could bring they laid lingering on its threshold. Their days and nights were spent at a table filled with food while their bellies bulged swollen in agony.

I was now horror-struck by the sight I was witnessing. In my revulsion, I must have rolled over in my bed. I then found myself in what could only be described as paradise. I was now standing in a beautiful hotel lobby. Just as before there was a door. Behind this door came sounds that could only be described using a word such as rapture. Upon opening this door I found people with the same problem as the ones in hell. They also had utensils permanently attached to their wrist in place of hands. Their deformed arms also seemed to have no elbows. The only difference between the two was this group chose to feed one another.

Now, you know it is our responsibility to serve one another. God made us this way and I personally wouldn’t want it any other way.


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