Just a Daily Rant

We are counting down the days until the Messiah comes. Some thinks he will have a black daddy and a white mama. Others think he is Jewish. One thing for sure we all seem to be hoping he will get here soon.

I wonder what Bush is doing today. Perhaps he will call Rumfeld and tell him how much he misses him.

Then he might call over to the treasury dept and congratulate Paulson on pissing off more money faster than any man in history has. From now on people should never refer to a drunken sailor on leave when talking about wasting a lot of money fast. No they should say like a Paulson.

Something else I am wondering about today. Obama says he can squeak by with a trillion dollars. If no body has, any money and all the states are going broke because tax revenue is down where is Obama going to get his.

China already holds enough notes to bankrupt us. I can’t see them loaning any more. Besides their economy has taken a downhill turn it self.

If Russia had it, I can’t see them loaning it to us.

All I can say if you own a business that doesn’t qualify for a bail out or if you have a job making a little more than average you best pull your wallet out and kiss it good by.




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2 Comments on “Just a Daily Rant”

  1. Connie Says:

    Gary, A trillion dollars!!!….it might be difficult but I think I could squeak by on that too. Can you imagine if he had to live on what we make????

  2. gartalker Says:


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