I was thinking today about what I wrote yesterday. Are you like me. I have often prayed a 100 times for something that I felt I either wanted or needed.

Nothing wrong with that at all. The question today is after the prayer is answered how many times have you thanked him for it. Once maybe twice.

You have to wonder if we spent as much time thanking Him as we did asking Him how different would our lives be.

I would say a prayer answered on Monday is not thought much more about past Friday. Yet one that isn’t answered will go on forever.

A lesson for me and maybe you to remember is that God is not Santa. He doesn’t operate on the same bases and for the most part we are no longer small children.

Remember the old song you grandparents sang. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS NAME THEM ONE BY ONE. When is the last time you thought about just how many prayers you got answered last year?

That was last year right? What we want to know is what have you done for me today. If things were reversed how would you feel about that?

I am not using my computer today. Sorry about extra spelling mishaps.

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  1. Deanna Says:

    Hearing you say you ask God things for something several times reminds me of when my boys ask me for something over and over and over. It drives me crazy when they do that. Do I sound like that to God?

  2. gartalker Says:


  3. Connie Says:

    You are right, Gary. I ask for much more than I thank Him for. Thanks for the reminder.

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