No Sunshine Today


Five things you should never say to me when I am down



1. I know how you feel. No you don’t. You’re not me and even if you went through the exact same thing, it may effect you different than me.

2. You just have to stand. What makes you so sure that I haven’t been standing? How do you know I am not standing right now while you telling me to and will most likely be standing long after you have stopped?

3. The Lord is with you in all this. What if I ask you how long  before He gets tired of wading through all this crap and does something about it.

4. You just need to get in the word and stay in it. Why is it that you assume if I am under attack that I must not be reading the bible enough? I actually read the bible every day and still some days in fact some months I still catch hell.


5. You just have to pray more. If you don’t see things’ coming up daisies in my life does that mean I must not be praying enough?

6. What if you said? I have no advice for you. I simply can’t imagine the struggles you are going through. Please allow me to pray for you right now while we are together. Then in front of me write my name on a piece of paper and say, I just want to be sure to pray for you again before I go to bed tonight.

If someone is going to minister to me, and I have a choice, I will take option six, please. I already know about the first five. Now concerning the sixth, I know many people say they are going to pray for me. I don’t know how many actually ever do. If you are to busy or too embarrassed to do it while you with me that is fine. Just be too busy and too embarrassed to give me the other advice also.

You may have notice that I am not just full of sunshine today. My wife’s cat died yesterday. Just one of a long series of things to happen to me in the last few months.

If you have time to pray for me, do it now. Thanks


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