Are you Green or Ripe?

When you are green, you grow. When you are ripe, you rot. Two simply sentences spoke to me over 35 years ago.
My first boss in the car business told me that. He said, ” If you don’t remember any thing else I ever tell you always remember these words.”

At the time, they sounded a little silly to a young twenty something year old boy/man. I say boy/man because in some ways, I was a man but in many, I was still a boy.

I am not for sure if Bud is still alive today. Still, those words live in my mind. How many times over the last thirty plus years have, they came home to roost.

Think about a tomato. When it is green it’s growing and getting bigger. The moment it starts ripping is the moment it starts dying.

Just like you and me as long as we are moving and trying new things, we are growing. The moment we say I have done it all, we began the death process.

Most jobs tend to get boring as soon as you announce that you know everything. Most relationships start the dying process when there is nothing new to explore.

For many people retirement is the place in life that they use to mark the beginning of their death walk. They say its time to set down and watch TV. They might even consider doing a little fishing. I may be wrong but I think this retirement thing is something we have come up with in the last few generations. Maybe we should say I have gotten to point in life that I can try something new and learn about things I haven’t had time for before.

My prayer today is simple. Lord keep me green until you are ready to pluck me from the vine. Always allow me to read, walk, and have relationships that cause me to laugh and interact.






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