I belong to a writing group. Today Lela posted the following. I liked it and asked if I could place it on my blog. She was nice enough to say, yes.

Thank you Lela.


President Obama takes the lead.
He will try to fill the country’s need.
It won’t take long for him to realize
He runs a country filled with hate and lies
And doubt and greed, and he cannot depend
On those who once had been his closest friends.
His best decisions will be torn apart
Before his plans can make their feeble start.
In public he will still be hailed and lauded.
Presidential speeches are applauded.
Beneath the praise is cynicism, scorn;
The rose will fade and fall, and then the thorn
He must learn to grasp, as those who came
before him; share the glory, take the blame,
Then leave with his good name untouched by slime,
Keep the peace and all the trains on time.
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One Comment on “OBAMA by LELA”

  1. Deanna Says:

    Before President Bush left office he said many times that Obama would have a moment when he would realize the weight of the presidency. I have a feeling it didn’t take long. Politics is an ugly, ugly world.

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