I wrote the following in the winter of 2001. I ran across it Sunday and thought how little things have  changed in the last eight years.

I wonder if any of you ever find yourself in this strange predicament.

It came today as a gentle fall mist on my face. It was warm and soothing. It was blown along with a delicate wind of doubt. It was a very pleasant experience. Everything seemed perfect at the time.

The tiny seeds of late summer sin sealed in drops of an early fall rain. It knew exactly where to find the fertile places in my heart.

The  pleasant temperatures of fall nourished the tiny seeds of sin. Within minutes, they had taken root. At the time they were only a prick to the surface of my tender heart.

Soon though, I began to ache with agony that comes from maturing sin.

The deciver had came whispering. “It’s only a word, go ahead and say it. They never use that old thing any more, go ahead take it. Just one, what can one hurt.” He spoke with such a warm smile.

That is how it was that rainy day. Sin lay hidden in the fall rain that rode on the warmth of a late summer wind. Now I must again get on my knees and began the painful chore of uprooting the sins that were left behind. One at a time through prayer, they must be harvested.

Today it will be a trying work of patience and faith to destroy what would have only taken an ounce of discipline yesterday. The tiny seeds have grown deep roots and to pluck them will cause great pain to my no longer tender heart.

I know this must sound like a strange tale. You see I was expecting the enemy to come as a roaring wind and instead he came as a gentle rain. The damage has been done just the same.

A wise man is always aware of what he sees and touches. His desires are tempered with caution. He guards his precious heart with his life. The foolish man says, “There can’t be any evil in something as pleasant as a gentle rain.

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