Miracles, my life life seem to be filled with them. It hasn’t always been that way. For most of my life, I didn’t recognize miracles because I didn’t understand God’s favor. I mostly thought things happen because you were lucky or unlucky. I most likely thought that Mosses just lucked up and crossed the Red Sea at real, real low tide.The Phone Company killed several large pine trees on my back fence line late last year. They refused to accept any responsibility for it. Our final words were theirs. Don’t call back. We aren’t going to do any thing willingly to help you.For years I have tried off and on to get in the V.A., I will say I have never tried hard. Normally I would get tired of the paper work or not want to fool with an appeal. This past year after loosing my job I found myself without insurance. I prayed and went in the V. A. Thirty minutes later I came out with a card and full benefits. A few benefits I didn’t even know about.

Now here is the real miracle. As Jane agreed with me in an earlier comment. (Jane has known me for years.) I can’t spell and my English is terrible. Last year I got a book published. Now there is a miracle. By the way, the name is Bubba Jones. Let me know if you are interested in a copy.

Another miracle that I witnessed was this very month. Pam and I were in a parking lot right before Christmas at the peak of traffic. Two people stopped in less than five minutes and allowed us in front of them. This was a huge miracle as for as I was concerned.

If you are saying, all that is fine but you still don’t believe in miracles. I say pick up a baby and look at him or her very close. God only divided the Red Sea once. He performs the baby miracle every day for somebody.

Have a blessed day and I hope you see a miracle today.




This spring the trees began to lean toward my house and like all springs the winds began to blow. I didn’t have $4,000.00 to have the trees removed. I stood on my back deck a many afternoon and ask God for a miracle. One day they came and started clearing off the lot behind my house. Without me even asking they pulled all the trees away from my house cut them down and burned them. To this day, I don’t know whom the tractor driver was working for. The odd thing after they cleared the lot they left and never started construction on a house.

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