The Roots of Lizzy

Lizzy’s great-great-grandmother had been a kitchen slave on the Great Thornhill Plantation. Even as a young girl, Lamb Chop a nickname given by her master, for her ability to cook her named sake skills reigned supreme over the most senior cook. At the tender age of fifteen, she became chief cook of the massive plantation kitchen. It was a huge building separated from the main house located a few yards in the rear. Within it set three huge stoves. One stayed hot at all times. One was designed and used strictly for baking and the other two were used as the senior cook dictated. Dictate was something Lamb Chop did.
Lamb Chop was as stubborn as she was an excellent cook. She had missed many beatings because her mistress wouldn’t allow it. Most of the time because of a big supper party that she had scheduled. The rest of time was because she simply loved Lamb Chop.
Lamb Chop was different from the beginning. She was beautiful and of royal blood. Her heritage could be traced back to the darkest jungles of Africa. There she sat in the royal family of one of the most powerful tribes on the continent.
Even on the trip from her homeland, she was treated different from the other captives. She was never placed in the ship’s belly with the rest, like piles of human cargo. The ship’s captain made sure she had plenty of exercise got extra portions of greasy pork, and clabbered milk. This was better than the crew was allowed.
Her captor thought this diet would keep her hair and skin shiny. She was also given a piece of birch and forced to rake her teeth daily. He wanted to take no chance on decay destroying the appearance of this piece of prized flesh.
As you would expect, this treatment caused great resentment between her and the other captives that were kept on the verge of starvation and saw little or no light. The life that they lived in the dungeon below was worse than death itself.
Lamb Chop was use to being hated. Her own tribesmen even at this young age hated her. She had been the daughter of one of the greatest kings in all of Africa. When she was five, she demanded and received the death of a servant that had forgotten to bow when she walked by. Her tribe had great powers and her family had the greatest powers of anyone in the tribe. They had not been elected royalty, instead they had demanded it, and then took it. Her family had ruled by fear for many generations.
The tribe she belonged to was said to be one with nature and had learned powerful magic by bowing to mother nature. Yet, the royal family had more power than the rest of the tribe combined. Because of this, their subjects could never overthrow them. This tribe had such a fierce reputation that they hadn’t been attack in the last century.
One day Lamb Chop was out exploring for a certain root that was needed to strengthen a spell she was placing on an enemy. Her father had sent two of his fiercest guards to protect her from harm while she carried out her mission.
Suddenly twenty-five men from another tribes, all hired to help the white devils capture slaves for the Americas attacked them. The two trusted servants fought to their death taking the lives of thirteen of their enemies before finally being overcome.
The Captain seeing these two men freely giving their own lives for a child was impressed. He reasoned that he must have captured something of great value. He soon found out that his feelings were based on solid truth.
On their return to the base camp the natives that were helping them kidnap their neighbors spotted Lamb Chop. They suddenly fell to the ground and started to mumble. Then out of frustration they began to pound their faces on the hard ground. This action infuriated the slave dealers and they took their whips and started to beat the men showing no mercy. The more they beat them the louder the tribesmen cried. Next, they started to scratch the ground and throw dirt on top of their heads.
Young Lamb Chop stood quietly smiling. She knew that no matter how hard the traders beat the men they could not bring about the fear her presence had. She clapped her hands, and as if by magic the men rose from the ground, even as they were being beaten and stood to their feet. They then faced the young princess and bowed. The sting of the whip had no power over them. She waved her hand and the natives turned on the whip bearing white men and began to attack them.
For the next thirty minutes, whips tore at flesh and pistols ripped body parts off, but the natives still attacked. Finally reinforcements arrived and the natives were brought under control. The prize had came with at a high price. Three white men lay dead. Even then, it was only minimum control. The captives that had been caught were put in small bamboo cages so small they couldn’t stand up. They were now moaning and shaking their cages.
The captain witnessing all this motioned the young girl to be brought to him. Two giant men took her by the hand and began to guide her to her new owner. Soon she had wrestled free from one and then the other. Before either could lay a hand on the young girl, she had raked her nails across the face of one of her captives. His eye was now bleeding profusely. This act of defiance enraged the two men and they each grabbed a whip and drew back.
Before a lick could be passed the Captain screamed, “You fools don’t touch that little winch you may scare her. She is probably worth more than the two of you will earn in this lifetime put together. Now bring her to me, and be gentle with that valuable merchandise before I have you two at the end of a whip.”
Lamb Chop had no idea what was just said, but still she knew that she was being treated with respect from the man that led the rest. This seemed to have a calming affect on her, as she looked this white leader straight in the eyes.
The Captain bowed to her, spoke very softly, and respectfully even if it was in mockery, “Welcome you little five thousand-dollar winch.”
The captain reached and handed her a bowl of stew the natives had started fixing for their supper, before the commotion. She took the bowl and raised it to her mouth. When she had reached the bottom, she took her hand to retrieve anything that may have been out of reach of her darting tongue.
The captain mumbled aloud, “What a beautiful and yet savage young thing I have captured for myself.”
By now, most of the help they had hired had vanished back into the jungle. The trinkets they had negotiated to help kidnap their fellow natives from other villages weren’t enough to keep them in the presence of the powerful young princes. They seemed to have felt in danger that she may stare at one of them.
Parts of the sailors were busy trying to patch themselves up, while the rest had begun a small game of chance. Three would have to be buried the following morning. The fact that they would never smell the scent of ocean breeze didn’t bother their companions. Every man in this group signed on with the full knowledge they may never see home again. This would simply be two less to split any bonus with at the end of the journey.
The Captain was taken with the young princess. He could not get over her beauty. She had high cheekbones and her skin was soft and shiny with eyes that seemed to sparkle. He felt like this one child would fetch as much as any hundred others he had captured. To the Captain this was like finding the Hope Diamond in a coal mine.
She was placed in a larger cage than the others were and a guard was placed to watch over her day and night. The Captain wasn’t planning on anything going wrong before he could finish filling the ship and set sail for sea. Two days later the last captives were loaded and the ship set sail for the Americas.

To be continued

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