It is Sunday and this might be a little late. I have been tied up and I wanted to finish Lizzy before getting into anything else. I believe Frank Melton’s trial will be a hung jury. I have said this for months.
These are the reasons I believe this.

For most of us we can set back in our comfort and safe houses and say that he broke the law. Many if not most people in South Jackson can’t afford this simple luxury. They have seen crack and crack dealers ruin their city, their neighborhoods, and very often their families.

The law looks a different to you if you are paying your bills the best you can every day working two jobs while your neighbor stays home and sales crack.

You are scared to allow your kids out to play and you yourself stand a chance of being robbed or raped.

Many of these houses have set on the same spots for weeks and months. The police drive by but nothing happens.

Our South Jackson working citizen is late for work. They speed on the interstate and bam they are pulled over and ticketed. They turn right on red and bam they get another one in the mail. They mis-park and there is one waiting on their windshield. They complain and it falls on deaf ears.

They complain about the crack dealer and it falls on deaf ears.

A well-known black man stands up and says elect me and I will end the dope boys. They vote for this cowboy. He goes out and stirs the water. He brakes the law just like you did by speeding. The difference people pay him attention. There he is on TV doing what you have always dreamed of. Destroying the house that has ruined your life.

You say nothing. The cops don’t want to hear you the city council don’t want to hear you. You are a nothing. A person with a family working two jobs. That pretty much makes you a nobody.

Then one day you get a subpoena. They now want to hear you. What are you going to say? He is a criminal. He tore down the crack house next door. Put him in jail?

I think Frank is guilty as charged. If I lived in South Jackson I wouldn’t in a million years put him in jail for doing what I had prayed someone do though.

When a city becomes like Jackson and your heroes are crack-dealers and Kenny Stokes then don’t be surprised when the Frank Meltons are made heroes also.

In addition, you certainly shouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t convicted.

If they do convict him, he had a fool for a lawyer that could not pick a jury.



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