Tuesday is my favorite day. I am off on Tuesday. I sleep a little late on this day. I get up slow and am in no hurry about doing any thing.

Pam is off on Saturday and that is her day. We are both off on Sunday and of course, that is a church day. Tuesday is a me day.

I seldom turn on a TV on Tuesday. It is a day for silence. I read a lot on these days. You can actually think on Tuesday. It isn’t filled with pages and telephone calls.

Tuesday is the day that I eat my allotted three eggs. The doctor says I shouldn’t have but three a week. I can eat all the pretend eggs in a cartoon I want. There nothing in them that can hurt you. In fact, there isn’t even any flavor in them.

On Tuesday I fry three eggs in sausage grease and set down with a large glass of milk. I put lots of butter on my toast and then crown it with gobs of blackberry jam. I have a week’s worth of cholesterol in one meal.

The rest of the week I eat oatmeal for breakfast. Six days I set and eat oatmeal while thinking of Tuesday.

After breakfast I have a cup of strong tea and set down to the computer. Tuesday is the day I sort through all the FWDS. I only open half of them and then actually do something with half of those.

If you are one of the people that send me tons of FWDS, don’t stop. Who knows it maybe yours that I read each Tuesday.

I work on my blog on Tuesday. I often write an extra journal entry or two for one of those busy days.

I don’t pray on Tuesday. You see that is the day Jesus comes by. All week long, I pray at meals and at bedtime and even often during the day. My prayers are filled with request for my family and work. I might pray for the church or even the world in general.

Tuesday we simply set in the living room and talk, Jesus and me. We discuss what is happening in my life and the world. We watch the squirrels eat the birdseed. He ask me questions and I ask him questions. Tuesday is a day for friends to catch up.

I ask, “Do squirrels ever get cold at night? How much longer will I live?”

“Sometimes and none of your business.” I get none of your business a lot. Still I ask many questions.

I tell him how he could improve things and he laughs. He reminds me of all the messes he has gotten me out of after I tried to improve things and I laugh.

I ask, “Do you really love me?” He shows me his hands. I suddenly feel sad.

He says, “This is Tuesday, don’t be sad.”

I told him one day he was my best friend. He laughed.

His answer was, “You’re my blood brother.”

“Are their dogs in heaven?”

“Imagine the best day of your whole life and then multiply that by a million. That is the worse day you will ever spend in heaven.”

“But what about dogs?”

He smiles.

I sure like Tuesdays.


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2 Comments on “TUESDAY”

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  2. angie Says:

    I liked this one alot.

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