Before I write today let me say one thing. I have read all twenty-two of John Grisham’s books. I think this in itself gives me the right to speak about the man’s writing.

First, I just finished “The Associate” a few days ago. As for as the book I would give it an 8.5 on a scale of 10. If you are comparing it to his others. The first two would most likely edge this one out slightly. That is no big deal though. I am sure he was writing with his heart rather than his mind when the first two were written.

With that said this book would most likely rank as a 5.5 when placed along the average best sellers of  today.

For some reason, Mr. Grisham gives me the impression that he has so many pages to produce and he isn’t going a line over that. I get the impression when he hits around page 375 he simply writes the end.

He could care less about where the story happens to be at the time. That is just my opinion. I would love to hear from you guys on this subject. Place it in comments and I will make a separate post of it. Unless you had rather me not.

I am a big reader. I read on the average of a book a week. Sometimes if I have time maybe two. That is plus reading the Bible each day and any other reading that might come my way.

I read everything. Murder; Murder mystery, fiction, nonfiction, romance, Christian authors, and Heathens. You name it and I read it.

The books that I like the most are the ones that allow me into the character’s mind. I think books are three-dimensional were movies are two.

Yes, I read other peoples blogs also. I read Deanna’s often and I read people’s blog that link to mine. I read the news everyday on line.

I am not a critic but I do know what I like. Again, I would love to hear from you guys about what you read. If there is any thing you like or dislike about the blog, I would like to know that also.

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3 Comments on “Grisham”

  1. Katie Says:

    Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

  2. Deanna Says:

    I am honored that you read my blog. I have to be honest. The only Grisham book I have ever read in its entirety is the “Painted House”. The only reason I read it was because my Daddy mentioned that it reminded him of his childhood. That was probably one of the most in depth statements he had ever made about his childhood so I went straight to read it.

    I have picked up several of his books, but haven’t been able to “get into” them. I wouldn’t say I read “anything”. I feel that I am strongly affected and imprinted by anything I read so I tend to try to be kind of choosy which out be prejudicial about my reading. (I hope that made sense.)

  3. gartalker Says:

    Deanna, that makes lots of sense. I am sure I should be more like you when it comes to reading. Still I must confess I am not. As long as it isn’t a lot of cussing, sex and blood and guts I read it.

    I draw the line at the above mostly because I see it as poor writing. I think the writer simply uses it to try to catch someone’s attentions.

    I feel the same away about movies. I most likely don’t find it as offensive as I do stupid.

    Kindly goes back to sin. As for as I am concerned ther is a very thin line between sin and stupid. I think you have to agree you have to be stupid to sin.

    I know someone is going to say but you can be tricked into sinning. Stupid people seem to get tricked the more.

    Any way thanks for the comment.

    Oh one more thing. I didn’t like painted house. I still see how it could make someone think about their childhood though.

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