A March Lion

I got up Saturday morning and walked out on the deck barefooted. I fed the birds and squirrels. That was when I noticed the tree in my back yard had bloomed. It reminded me an of a fresh blanket of snow, The blooms were so fresh and white.

“Yelp, no doubt spring is on the way,” I said to nobody in particular.

As I walked out the door, I grabbed a jacket that I threw in the back seat just in case. Under my arm was an umbrella. I used them both before the day was out. I awoke this Sunday morning with a dusting of snow.

You just have to love Mississippi. She has a mind of her own. The calendar means nothing here. The only thing sure about our weather is that it is going to be hot in the summer. Actually, the last few summers haven’t been that bad.

So far this year my January gas bill was low and the March winds arrived a month early.

If you don’t like the snow just hold on a while. It will most likely be warm by afternoon. Don’t like 50-degree weather. Just give it a few hours. It should be back to freezing before midnight.

The old saying that if March comes in like a lion it will leave like a lamb. Based on what we have seen so for it should leave like a lamb. My question is what kind of lamb.

It certainly came in like a lion. Just what kind of lion is the question? I can only describe this lion so for as one that is confused. It just doesn’t know what it wants to be.

I say hold on because we’ll see tornado watches and warning soon. This poor old lion just doesn’t know what he wants to be remembered for.

Don’t make the mistake I have made so many times in the past and think spring is here. That often happens after a lamb follows a lion. A week or so of beautiful weather and you can’t stand it any longer. You go out and buy tray after tray of pretty flowers. A day or two after planting them you get one last freeze.

My grandmothers always said don’t get in hurry and plant potatoes before Good Friday. You may be like me. I have never planted a potato in my life.

Still it is a good idea to wait until at least Good Friday before planting. A week afterwards if you can stand it. After all, we are known to have an Easter snap here.

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