Lord give me the wisdom to draw near you this Monday morning.

Father, lay your hands on me. Place your thumbs in my ears. Make me deaf to all the things I shouldn’t hear this week. Lord then heal my hearing to the point that I can hear you even when you whisper my name.

Lay your index fingers on eyes. Blind me to the things of this world. Then give me 20/20 vision to see you in everyone I speak to this week.

Place your little fingers on my lips. I pray that you would not allow a single word that isn’t pleasing to you to roll off my tongue.

Send me to someone that needs to hear about you and that I can pray for this week,

Place your head on my chest this morning. Listen careful to my heart. If there is any evil, there I ask that you cleanse it.

Take my hands in yours. Give me strength that I don’t touch any thing you consider unclean. Allow me to share these hands with one of yours that need a little help.

Command my feet to run from evil and to run toward good.

I would like to say if you took care of these things that, I could handle the rest.

I can’t. I am weak and you are strong. I need you in order to take my next breath.

If you turn your back on me I had just as well climb back in bed. I have no hope of seeing the sun go down without you.

Father, I pray that you would fill me with your spirit to the point that I am no longer me but  a reflection of you.

In Christ name


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One Comment on “MONDAY’S PRAYER”

  1. angie Says:

    Great prayer!!!!

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