No, I didn’t change my clock. Yes, I slept late and missed Sunday school. Yes, I like getting off early but I still hate getting up early.

Why can’t they leave the morning alone and simply let everyone off an hour early?

My granddaddy refused to change a single time peace he owned. His reason was simple. He was an independent man that wanted little to no government in his life. He didn’t think the Government had the right to change the time.

The best I remember they only had a mantle clock that they seldom wound and he had a pocket watch that stayed in a draw. He got up at the exact same time every morning. An hour before the sun came up and went to bed an hour after it went down. True he slept more in the winter than the summer.

I am sure he thought there was more work to do in the summer. I have no idea how he made it to appointments in town.

His communication for time was the following. I’ll be there about midmorning. We’ll see y’all at noon. Gary Gene, you be home by sundown. I think you get the idea. He was one with nature for the most part.

Fall wasn’t on the calendar. It began with the first big frost. Winter started after the first killing freeze.

Spring began the day after Easter. I know that date changes from year to year. Still he didn’t plant until Good Friday. I suppose you have guessed by now he wasn’t Catholic.

Looking back, he may have had the right idea. Neither a clock nor a meeting ever dominated his life. Have you ever thought how important time is to us?

Pam and I actually have two alarm clocks in our bedroom. There is a clock on the stove and the microwave. One on the VCR another on the CD player and one build in the TV. We have these in the living room and bedroom.

Pam owns two or three watches. I own one and there is a clock on my computer. Both of our cell-phones have clocks. My favorite time peace is an old antique clock setting over our fireplace. Some day I will write about it.

Sorry, have to go. I just noticed what time it is.

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2 Comments on “Time”

  1. Connie Makamson Says:

    hey cute
    which granddaddy was it
    i love your stories
    thanks and i love you

  2. Deanna Says:

    My Pappaw was the same way. The only time I ever saw him look at his watch was to say, “Are you girls ready to go to Clyde’s store to get a Pepsi Cola?” I don’t think he needed the watch at all because he went down to see my Uncle Clyde every morning. It was just the signal we girls waited for to know it was time to go.

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