S. O. S.

I think there are six kinds of vessels in this world.

People sending out a S.O.S.

Peopel responding to a S.O.S.

People refusing to help a S.O.S.

People ignoring the fact that they need to be sending out a S.O.S.

People that are just getting over a S.O.S.

People that will soon need a S.O.S.

S. O. S. stop

Vessel Gary taking on water stop

General Location: Sea of Life stop

Precise location: Equator stop

(Exact center between heaven and hell) stop

Weather conditions: Treacherous phenomenon never witnessed before. stop

Eastern Horizon, large hurricane like storms brewing. Name of storm, Economy. On left, side a wind blowing named recession. On right side the wind is named inflation. In the eye of the storm there is a separate system spinning independently called depression. Storm is moving in direction of vessel. stop

Storm seems to be destroying every thing in its path. stop

Western Horizon: Large storm named War. Winds on right called Iraq. Winds on left named Afghanistan. Center of storm seems to contain even larger war but is not yet named. stop

Waters churning around vessel. These waters seem to be filled with following. stop

Carnage of senior citizens. Many seem to have died after being beaten to death for a few dollars. There is also aborted babies floating to the surface. There are bodies of all ages and gender left from drunk drivers and people that simply felt human life had little importance. stop

From the south comes a title wave of pornography. On the crest of the wave rides the Internet. Below on the wall of the wave lies television. On the base, you will find ever form of advertisement known to humankind. stop

Behind this wave, there are millions of destroyed individuals and thousands of families. stop

The clouds above are dark with hatred and their elephantine bellies are ready to shower down political destruction and crooked business that place fish and crosses on business cards in order to take advantage of the unsuspecting. stop

Condition of Vessel: stop

Computer systems: (Brain) has processed so many negative images and thoughts that it is seriously over loaded. Without reprogramming and re-booting, safety devices will cause shut down shortly. stop

Hull of vessel: Upon close inspection, we have discovered hairline cracks from so many outward forces. This is causing vessel to move slower and sleep excessively. The captain has instructed crew to place vessel on rigorous exercise program in hopes of self-repair. stop

Bilge Pump: (heart) Running at 100% in order to keep pace with incoming seas. Cannot predict how long pump can maintain this stress. Pump was designed for short spurts of speed and not continuos use at these levels. stop

Communication hard wiring (Nerves) Becoming brittle and over heated. Computer seems unable to regulate proper voltage. This is causing some abnormal and irreversible actions. Possibility some sub-systems are in danger of shutting down. If this happens it will place an over load on the main grid possible causing large black outs or spontaneous uncontrolled power surges through out entire vessel. stop

Boiler room (Stomach) Sending false singles that need more fuel. This is another symptom of stress on system. The main boiler is producing too much acid and is having negative affects on other areas of vessel. stop

Main power source: (God) Main power source seems to be fading in and out. It is becoming increasing more difficult for vessel to tie power source into systems. When and if we loose power source we loose any chance of survival. stop

S. O. S. Any vessels in area stop

Any vessels in general area consider hooking up with this vessel and sharing power until we can get back north of equator. Two or more weak power sources hooked parallel may make it possibly save both. stop

S. O. S. any vessels north of equator stop

Any vessels already north of equator consider throwing a lifeline. Will return favor some day. This will be a dangerous move on your part. If you choose to leave area and not respond to this vessel it will mean a certain drift south. stop

This maybe last S. O. S. drifting south. stop

Captain’s journal: Many are in similar vessels today. Some put on the blinders of ignorance and choose not to believe it. Others think they are beyond help. Still others are bound by pride and had rather sink or continue to drift south rather than send out a S. O. S.

Ecclesiastes says that two are better than one and that a rope made of three strands is even more difficult to break.

If I can ever throw a lifeline just, send  S. O. S.

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2 Comments on “S. O. S.”

  1. angie Says:

    that was a lot to take in! Your mind must seem like a whirlwind sometimes.

  2. Deanna Says:

    S.O.S. — Send Our Savior!

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