Daddy Might Be Wrong

My daddy always told me that you can’t borrow your way out debt. I wonder if Barrack had known his father what his advice on the subject would he have given.
If memory serves me correctly and someone please correct me if I am wrong. His grandmother was a banker. I read where she was a vice-president.
I know some banks feel as if they can borrow their way out of debt. Still I have never known them to share this advice with a customer.

Obama is an well-educated man. He seems to have a good understanding about things. He went to Harvard. With such a wonderful education, I am sure he understands basic economics.

My question is how does he think he can take billions upon billions of negatives and turn them into positives.

I hope he does. When it happens I am going to call my dad and tell him, ” I finally found something you were wrong about.”

I have a strange feeling I will not ever make that call.

I really don’t feel sorry for my dad or even myself. We might some how get a little something out of all this spending.

Who I feel sorry for are my kids and grandkids.

It doesn’t make any difference if the president is right or wrong. They will be the ones that spend most of their lives paying it back.

It is one thing not to be able to leave your children with more than you had. It is a sin when you leave them with less because you thought you needed more.

That is my ten cents worth for today.







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