The city of Edwards Mississippi boasts a population of 1,317 people. If at least 20% of the population are, parents and 10% are grand parents and great grand parents. Then take another 10% of the population that would be either white children or blacks under the age of 5 and you have a total of 40%.
This would leave Edwards with approximately 790 children to use their Boys and Girls Club.
Bennie Thompson just got $900,000.00 in pork barrel spending to help with the club.
That is a low estimate of $11,392.00 per child.
You might say that is cheap to keep a kid off the streets and out of trouble. After all their parents should not be saddle with this expense. A large percent of the town is on welfare so they are tied up getting their checks cashed each month.

I tend to agree with you. I wish someone had offered me a $1000.00 a month when I was raising my kids. I actually had to pay for their afternoon activities.

Bolton/Edwards schools spend approximately $4641.00 per student. An average teacher teaches 17 kids there.

Still after spending that much money not only on school but afternoon fun also, they can only expect to graduate about 70% of the students.

Thank you Bennie Thompson for sending some more of my kids and grand kids money to Bolton. After all, it is going to help at least 553 of them.

I got this strange idea that about that many would have made it on their own.

I understand though. When China finances us a hog we should try to send as much pork back home as possible.

If you think I am making this up you can find most of what I have written about at he below web site.

Bennie’s pork project was on the news this past week. That was what got me to digging.

Thank you Mr. President. Now let me remember what you said. NO MORE PORK.

That was before Nancy decided. She was the only one that could save the mice in California.

Strange thing there to. When I was a kid, we set traps for them.

Have to admit she spent more on rats than Bennie spend on dropouts.

If the president of this country doesn’t have the backbone to stop pork, maybe the leaders of China will.

I can hear him now. “No more pork for U.S.A. From now on, you eat sticky rice like everybody else.”


PS  I thinks I will see if I can come up with enough money to take Pam out tonight. Chinese of cousre. We need to practice with our chop stick






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