Sorry if the blog is a little off today. I have a headache. I have watched too many soap operas lately.

You may have seen to many of them yourself. Let me see if you recognize any of these. As The Rich Turn The World. The Days of The Elite, and of course The Edge of the Obama’s.

If I hear one more person talk about six billion just is not enough I am going to throw up.

The only thing that makes me anymore ill is Barrack’s need for $100.00 a pound Colby Beef every Wednesday night. Maybe he should find a Baptist church there in Washington and try a Wednesday night covered dish.

Then there is Princess Nancy Pelosi flying around in her taxpayer jet saying,” If I don’t save the mice who will.”

Don’t forget about the Queen himself, Barney Franks. The one that knows he can straighten out the housing market because he was the one that screwed it up to begin with.

The last episode of Edge of the Obama’ went like this. The president finished a $28.50 bite of Colby and then took his $23.68 glass of champagne and stood up.

“Darn, those elite’s over at AIG. I swear if I have to spend $100,000,000,000.00 to get those bonuses back, I will. They are over there living off tax payers money as if they were elected.”

“Michelle smiled. ” That’s my boy. Pass another piece of the Colby, Honey.” Mama got her teeth in tonight and she really likes it.”

Being president is a tough job. In this episode, before the Obama’s could finish eating Hillary Clinton interrupted them.

“Ho, Barrack.”

“What you want looser.”

“The middle class are rioting out side. They say you are starving them.”

“I hate those nobodies. They aint’ rich enough to be elite and they are too well off to be called poor. I swear they are simply a pain in my rear.

Michelle Baby, what do you think we ort to do. Every time I turn around you got a book in yore face.”

“Well Barry, I just finished reading this book about a French sister that had the same problem. This is what I suggest. Tell that no count white trash looser you got hanging around here to get off that wide butt of her’s and go to the window.

“If she can open it without letting in the winter and getting the Colby cold have her to say this.

“Yo, white folks of America. The prez’ has done ate all the bread. Don’t worry though. He feels your pain. He is having the chef whip you’ll up some cake. Just hold on white folks.”

“Looser, you heerd what my woman said. Get to announcing.”

Any way after hearing this I said, “Enough is enough.”

I changed stations. Thought I might watch the six o’clock news. No such luck. Kenny Stokes has his own soap opera now that has replaced the local news. Whatssss’ up Franky Boy follows it.

Finally, I took two aspirin and went to bed. I dreamed all night about how I was going to spend my stimulus check that my kids and grand kids were going to pay for.

No wonder people sneak across the borders. Everyone wants a piece of this pie before it is gone.

I might write a soap of my own. Chico Gets The Man’s Social Security. You have to admit it has a nice ring.


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