A Train Bound For?

All Aboard.

 When yet I was still a baby, my mother pulled me from her breast.

She handed me to the conductor whom said, “I’ll take care of the rest.”

I remember the words of my mother; “It is your life baby do your best.”

 The conductor smiled, “I can look at this one he’ll pass the test.

“Get on with your life, you have other stops to make. This one you have given for me to take.”

Soon the station my train pulled out. With a sudden jerk and moan, it caused me to begin to pout.

I heard the conductor shout,

“Hush, it want be long before you learn to do without!”

The train started very slow.

Occasionally I would hear the whistle blow.

The powerful engine had many cars in tow.

Time passed and I was crawling to and frow.

As a child, I watched a distant crow.

 I thought to myself, He flies so very, very low.

I didn’t know it at the time but the train of life starts with many cars in tow.

Yet, with the passing of years one by one it looses it’s row.

As a boy for the very first time, I saw it snow.

Still the massive train was under such a stress it had to strain to move even slow.

I ask the conductor why do we constantly move so slow.

He smiled, “My boy a life time is a massive tow.

“Fear not though soon we’ll go faster.”

He was right, soon we moved much faster.

Causing time to became my master.

As a middle age, man I peered out the window to see where I cast my seeds.

I suddenly wished I had slowed and pulled the weeds.

Then as an old man I cried out, “Can’t you slow this damnation speed.”

He ignored me and announces in a loud voice, “Final stop just ahead”

“What do you mean final stop just ahead?”

“The end”

“ Right around the next bend.”

“Now, now don’t you pout!

“After all you chose the route.”

I again peered out the window to find all the cars are gone.

Then it was  only I to face the final bout.

I looked back to find the conductor. Even he was no longer about.

The train passed into a dark tunnel. Out the window, I strained my eyes and looked my best

Then I saw the light, I had passd the test.


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