I wonder if any of you heard about the storm that is due on or around September of 2012. It will take place on the surface of the sun. No this isn’t a Y2K thing, if that is what you are thinking.

This has happen since time has begun. That is if you believe everything scientists say.

We know that the sun goes through cycles just as the earth does. We know that there are predictable seasons for what is called sunspots. It has something to do with magnetic fields that travel from one pole to the other. I know a little more about the subject but I don’t think I can explain it with the clarity that it needs to be told here. I think I will leave that for another day. I will leave a link or two for anybody that would like to read up on it more.

The year 2012 is a year according to the historical records that should be extremely active.

If you are asking what does all this, have to do with you. I can explain that without trying to get in deep detail.

First, as for as I can tell you want burn up or even need any extra sun block.

What will happen though is the sun will produce a much higher volume of magnetic fields that will reach the earth. It will play havoc with the electrical grid. It seems as though that the grid acts as giant antenna. Attracting these fields.

The fields cause huge surges of electricity to pass through the lines and melt down transformers.

As you can imagine no transformers no electricity. There are only so many transformers in the warehouse, which means millions up on millions of people will be without electricity for months or even years.

This has happen on a much smaller bases a few years ago. It was during a time that the sun was active but nothing like it is scheduled to be in 2012. Canada had a large amount of their grid shut off for quiet a while.

The last time this cycle took place the telegraph had just came into being. It shut most of the system down. Of course, we are light years ahead now as for as electronics are concerned. According to what I read the further advance, you are the more trouble you are in.

I read a fictional book by Larry Burkett a few years ago concerning this. The part that stuck with me is this. They had been told with in days when the sunspots would appear. Still they weren’t willing to shut the grid down for a week. The reason, you guessed it, money. They would loose billions if they were wrong. In the book, the scientist was right. The United States and the rest of the modern world were slammed into pre-industrial times and lost trillions upon trillions.

I find it rather odd that it always comes down to the money.

God must see us as a greedy bunch,


This a NASA site. I think it is legitimate.

This one is just for  fun. There are dozen of credible sites on the net. There are hundreds of dooms day spots. This is one of them.

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