Flash Back

I think I am having a flash back. My house is filled with noise. Angie and the kids came over to help Pam with the garage sale.

Its been a while since they were all here at night.

I have drug most of my books to the garage. There were about twenty five I just couldn’t turn loose of. I wonder how many of them I will sale.

Books are kinda of a odd thing. They have no value to someone that has never bought one.

I learned that by loaning mine out. If you loan a book to someone that doesn’t buy books you may never get it back. If you do, it maybe six months later and the dog has chewed on it.

I guess that is why the library has to charge late fees.

I always take mine back a week early.

Needless to say it has been a long day.

Allow me to throw this in just for throwing sake.

I think it was Queen Anette that said. Feed the peasants cake.

Michelle, says the country maybe going to hell in a hand basket. We maybe leading them there. Still you have to admit I am beautiful.

Sure makes me feel better about everything. Just think how much harder it would be on us if she was ugly.

have a great day.

Oh, I was wondering about something. What do you think?

Can you cry under water?


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