Palm Sunday / Monday

First, allow me to apologize. I should have gone ahead and wrote a blog yesterday for Palm Sunday. I will make up for that error today by posting both Sunday and Monday.

I think we might look at this week as if we were their ourselves. You know a man or woman on the street reporting. Again, any disagreement or if you would simply like to add something either drop me a line at or place your suggestions in the comment box.

This is Gary Simmons taking notes for my blog. I am standing on the corner of Abraham and Fifth. The word is that Jesus is coming into town any minute now.

I have asked several people exactly who this Jesus is. Most say he is a great teacher and a worker of miracles. Where ever he goes crowds seem to follow. It has also been reported that he has a group of about a dozen men that never leave his side.

Many if not most think he is the King of the Jews that are mentioned in the ancient writings. I have also heard that many think John the Baptist was a trailblazer in charge of preparing a way for him.

Weather he is heaven sent or simply another crowd pleasers is yet to be seen. Some reason I believe he maybe the real deal though. I have heard some of the things that he has said and done and it makes my spirit jump with in me. That is something no rabbi has ever been able to accomplish.

Hold on, here he comes. I must say he does not seem special looking in any way. He is actually setting on a young donkey colt.

The people are going wild. Some are throwing their coats in front of him while others have cut and laid palm leaves.

I have never seen any thing like this. They are bowing and raising their hands as if they are in the presents of Royalty. Rumor has it he is the son of a carpenter and there is even some words spoken quietly that the carpenter didn’t father him.

I must say in all my reporting I have never seen such. The Roman guards are now drawing up rank. I think they are in fear of a riot. They may have good reason to think that.

I just tried to ask a priest about this Jesus. He sulked up and tore his clothes. Something strange is happening here.

The crowds are even louder now praising this man on a donkey.

I have followed him to the temple. The word is that he simple walked in and looked around.

I just found out he has left the temple and is now head toward Bethany. The crowds are still large but quiet a few seem to have seen what they came to observe and are now leaving.

Rumor is that he is planing a night of prayer.

I will write more tomorrow when I find out what is actually going on.

I am now signing off for today.


I am just getting a chance to catch up. This Jesus has been busy all day.

I must say the more. I hear about him the more I like him. We have needed someone like him for a long time. Perhaps he is the king we have looked for so long.

I even heard today that some believe him to be God in the flesh.

That might be pushing the issue. Still after much investigating, I can’t explain the miracles. I am confident in saying. Whatever he is. He is one of a kind.

I din’t see it but I heard he cursed a fig tree on the way back into town. Have no idea why that is important. Just trying to write what is happening.

Stop the presses. Jesus just went in the temple and ran out the moneychangers and that barnyard of animals they bring with them this time of the year.

It is about time someone did that. I saw this with my own eyes. He turned over tables and beat some people. He was talking the whole time about this being his father’s house. He didn’t seem to refer to God as we do when we say Father. It was more like you might call your daddy.

Yes, this Jesus is worth watching. He is different from any man I have ever met or even heard about.

After cleaning the temple or his father’s house as he put it. He healed some people. What kind of man has the power to clean the temple of trash and heal all in the same day? Is it possible that I have seen the Son of God today?

When he finished he and his buddies again turned and headed back toward Bethany.

Some of the crowds that have been following seemed to be offended by what he did in the temple. I think it has something to do with all the complaining and gossiping the priest are doing.

I will sign out for the night. I think most of the action is over. I will blog tomorrow when I see what this; I almost hate to say man is going to do next.

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