Its’ Tuesday and I am back on the streets trying to find out what I can about this Jesus. There is no way I can begin to explain everything I heard and saw today.

Still I write what I know as a fact. Remember there is much more that I can’t confirm.

If you remember, I mention that this Jesus cursed a fig tree yesterday. Today the tree was found withered and dying. I ask myself as well as you dear reader. What earthly man can demand the death of a healthy tree and then command demons to leave someone.

I will answer for both of us. No man. I am not for sure, what is going on here but I will get to the bottom of it.

After arriving in town today. Jesus went to the temple. The crowds were a little smaller for some reason. I would guess that the priests have been threatening people. It is clear that this Jesus is stepping on the toes of the priest and crowding their space. He seems to have little respect for them and absolutely no fear.

He taught while at the temple today. He quoted scripture after scripture. Even when the priest and scholars tried to nail him down, he simply quoted another scripture. This inflamed the temple people. With all there education, they couldn’t get over on this simple carpenter.

It was if they spoke what they had read and he spoke as if he had inspired the writing.

When the people began to give their money the rich as always made a big deal out of their giving. They dropped one coin at a time drawing out their giving. This caused a loud rattle each time. They wanted everyone to know that they were giving large amounts.

Jesus seemed to be bored by the whole process. That is until a down and out street person that had become a widow walked in. As she quitly dropped her two little mites. They hardly made a tingle in the bucket.

This did catch Jesus’ attention. He told his disciples that she had given out of her poverty and that it was greater than all the rich people’s giving combined.

This made no sense to my mind but I must say it warmed my heart in a way I have never known before. Once again I thought that maybe, just maybe I was in the presents of greatness.

This doesn’t make much sense but I will add it any way. I saw the disciple Judas arguing with a group of priest. I think it was about money. I guess it had something to do with the temple tax. He is the treasurer for the group I have found out.

Late in the afternoon, they all retired to the Mt. Of Olives. I got the impression that Jesus wanted to spend some private time with his friends. I sure would like to be a fly at that campfire. Can you just imagine having a one on one conversation with him?

I will close with one last observation. This is not any ordinary man. All though my mind screams against the idea. I am beginning to think maybe he is closer to God than even Adam or Abraham was.

I almost write this in fear knowing some would consider such a remark blaspheming.

I’ll sign off for the day here.


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