Today in Jerusalem, things seem quiet on the surface. Just underneath, you can cut the tension with a knife. You can see it in the Roman soldiers’ eyes. There is something in the mist.

The same crowds that were only days ago crying Hosanna seems to be slowly turning on Jesus. The priest and the temple employees have done a great job in planting seeds of doubt in the crowds.

It is a type of oxymoron going on here. It seems as if hate and celebrating seem to have penetrated the crowd at the same time. You hardly hear any one talking about the miracles Jesus performed in the same way they once did.

Now people ask who gave this common carpenter authority to destroy the honest trade that was going on in the temple. Some are even claiming that the miracles were from Satan and that they were the results of black magic.

Yes, I suppose these fickle people simply flow with the latest rumor. They remind me of chafe that has been thrown into the air. They move in the direction of the present wind.

I haven’t seen Jesus today. The word is he has taken a day to rest and spend time with his close friends.

Passover supper will soon be here. I am sure he will make a presentation then.

There isn’t much more to report today. I will again repeat there is something evil in the air. It is to me as if good and evil are gathering their armies and preparing to do battle.

I think only time will tell if I am right about this.


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