If Wednesday was a day with too few events. Then today was a day that was filled with them. A man that represented Jesus arrived at John Mark’s, mother’s home early and made arrangements to use her upper room for Passover. The servants spent the day getting everything ready.

Again, like yesterday the crowds split on the authority of Jesus. Today the Sanhedrin won.

Jesus and his group met in the upper room according to a servant I talked to. He, Jesus, washed his friend’s feet and then broke bread and told them the bread represented his body. He then told them to eat the bread or his body. Next, they all took a glass of wine and he told them to drink. That this represented his blood.

As always the one called, John was next to his master the whole time. Even in this circle of close friends, John seems to hold a special place in Jesus’ heart. It may have something to do with the fact they share the same family blood.

At supper, Jesus told them that one would betray him and another would deny him. The servant stated this caused quiet a stir. All were asking who these would be.

Looking back now I see a few things more clear than before.

The one called Judas left first. Remember, I saw him the other day with some people from the temple. I know what he was doing now. The rest soon followed him and accompanied Jesus to the Garden of Gethsemane. It was here that things got ugly.

A short while after the group arrived, Judas and a gang of solders along with Anas, the high priest showed up.

Judas kissed his master. I found out later that was a death kiss. It would haunt him so bad that he would soon hang himself.

Peter, the one that is short-tempered cut an ear off a temple guard trying to protect his master.

Jesus responded by placing the ear back on the guard and healing him. It must have been hard for that man to take part in the arrest after that.

They then drug Jesus off for a trial. A night trial, I might add. These Sanhedrin hate Jesus so bad that they broke their on laws by trying him at night.

I just heard the rooster crow again. I best try to get a little sleep. I will pick back up as soon as I can.

One more thing before I close. I saw, Peter on the way home. He was standing by a fire denying his master. Yes, the same one that sliced an ear off earlier.

Again, I say this is some strange business.


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