Good Friday


This has been a wild day. I will attempt to remember as much of it as possible.

At dawn, the Sanhedrin had Jesus on trial again. Their witnesses had been bribed and they told whatever story that needed to be told. I have never seen such hate. Some of the people that were witnesses against this Jesus had earlier in the week lain palm branches in his path.

My question is, were are  all the people he has healed? Why want any of these people come to testify on his behalf. Even the close inter circle has found other places to be. All except Judas. Word has it that he hung himself during the night.

After his second trial, the priest weren’t allowed to  give him the death sentence. Roman law doesn’t allow it. They loaded Jesus up and took him to the reining Pilot.

Pilot didn’t want any part of their foolishness and sent them over to the visiting higher up Herod. Herod refused the case and sent him back to Pilot.

You could see on Pilot’s face that he didn’t want any part of this man. Perhaps he even understood that he was in the presents of true royalty.

He offered the crowds a fellow named Barabbas. Seems as if he was a local thug that no one had any use for. Pilot thought the crowds would surely take Jesus rather than Barabbas. He was wrong.

Finally, in fear of seeing a riot on his hands he gave in. The last thing he needed was for it to get back to Rome that he couldn’t control his people. I think he knew that Herod was watching him also. Just hoping to have something to report to the capitol.

Pilot said he was washing his hands of the whole mess. He actually took a bowl and water and did just that. The crazy crowds began to cheer and said. “Let his blood be on us and our children.”

Yes, again, many of the people that were saying this had called out Hosanna just days ago.

My only comment about this is that these people are gone crazy. I am not for sure, what fed their insanity. It maybe the desire to see blood. I must say that doesn’t appear to be the case. 

You may think I am crazy, but I think some kind of evil spirit has fell on them. Remember I wrote in my blog earlier that it felt to me as if two armies were merging here. One of good, one of evil.

After many beatings and much mocking, the crowd got what they had asked for. A naked beaten swollen Jesus dragging his own cross to his dying place. Actually before he was there he gave out and a Roman solder forced a by stander to help him the last piece with the cross itself.

All of this has made me rethink what I considered earlier. Maybe this is only a mere man. What God would allow such to happen to himself or his son?

A point that needs to be said here is before Jesus died all daylight was eaten up by darkness. Again, no one had ever seen this before. This has caused more confusion for me. On one hand, I say he can’t be any relationship to God and then these things keep happening.

A little while before three he uttered that, it was finished. He did this after telling another convict that was being crucified beside him he would be with him in paradise that very day. This man seemed to feel sure that this Jesus was God.

You most likely know, no one is left on a cross after Sundown when the next day is the Sabbath.

When the guard came by to brake Jesus’ leg, he saw he was already dead. He took his spear and punctured his side. Blood and water poured out.

I had a feeling of great sadness as well as a strange feeling of hope that I can’t quiet explain.

I heard that he ask John his favorite to take care of his mother before he died.

A man came and took the body to a new grave; they rolled a stone across it and set a large group of solders to guard it.

The priests say they were scared his disciples would steal the body. I wonder if that was what they were worried about. By the looks on some of their faces, I wonder if they aren’t beginning to rethink what they have done.

I’ll sign off here. This whole thing is more than I can deal with.

I will say again, I believe that something about this Jesus makes him different than that of any prophet or teacher that has came before him.

Maybe a century and his  guards was placed because someone is scared a grave can’t hold him.

Tomorrow is the Sabbath and another day. We’ll just have to see what happens.

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  1. lipjerposse Says:

    Hi Gartalker, been reading your blog for a while. I enjoy it. Keep them coming

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