I don’t know if I can write what I need to write today. In case I leave any thing out just let me say this, HE HAS RISEN. Yes He is alive and He is the true Messiah. The king of the Jews and the world. He is the Savior. He is every thing my heart felt that my mind refused to believe. Because He lives so do I.

Now I got the most important part out allow me to try to briefly tell the rest. You must forgive me. I have tried to be objective with my reporting up to now. Today my heart is about to burst and my soul is flying. My mind has shifted into neutral. As you can imagine with all that happening my objectivity is out the window. I just want to sing, He is alive.

All right, I will try to get hold of myself. Sometimes between Midnight and daylight this morning He rose and left His grace. That’s right. All of Caesar’s solders couldn’t hold my Master.

Mary Magdalene went to the grave site around daylight and found Him missing. That much I am sure about. She is telling everyone she meets that He has risen.

She went and got Peter and John. They ran all the way there to see for themselves. I guess they thought Mary just wanted Him to return so much she was seeing things. They also witness what Mary had saw.

Later Mary returned by herself to the grave. At that time they were still afraid, that someone had stolen the body. Yeah, with a hundred guards someone is going to walk up and steal the body. Give me a brake.

She found a couple of gardeners there that turned out to be angels. I haven’t heard the entire story yet but what I can piece together is how she also saw Jesus. If what I am hearing is correct He told her not to touch Himself. The Father had not received Him yet.

Can you believe all this? I can. I believe every bit of it. This is the best day of my life. There is a void filled in my soul that has been there for a lifetime.

Sorry about that. Let me get back to the report.

Later today, Jesus met up with two of his disciples on the road to Emmaus. They were more than excited to see him.

A note here. I just thought about poor Judas. I don’t know where he is today but I know he is missing this great day. I am sure as the ages pass many will say he went to hell or heaven or where ever. I only at the moment feel sorry that after following the Lord he missed this great day.

Back to the story. Later in the day Jesus met up with several more of his disciples that was hunkered down in an upper room in fear. They were scared that they would be accused of stealing  the body some way.

I have a feeling all their fear is gone now.

I will end here. About the only thing else, that I can bear to type is that He Has Risen.

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