I wrote a blog called Obama Future.

My good very good friend Rev. Gamagae didn’t exactly agree with everything. By the way, he is plain Dwayne to me. I respect his title and he is a good Christian man. Still with all that said, he is still Dwayne to me.

As I said yesterday good friends disagree and speak the truth to each other. Here is what he had to say.

Submitted on 2009/04/08 at 5:34pm

Gartalker, you know how much I love and respect your writing, but this story read by or read to some of Rush supporters will cause stupidity to run amuck. This is just the kind of story that spin-doctors take and make them to seem real, for a political advantage. With under paid, under educated, and under respected people. In which in many ways I am a part of.

1st You and I both know that if this is a movement toward a one world system as Christians we should be praying instead of spreading this MESS.

2nd If we as Christians go around and sneak to pray and worship we are not who we say we are! MY God gives me BOLDNESS not fear.

3rd The reason we teach our family, friends, neighbors and churches the word so they will have the knowledge and strength to endure hard times. (The church as we knew it in 2009 has almost disappeared. Many have disbanded preferring to follow the leadership of the great one.)

4th If as you say or imply that we are now seeing the door opener for the anti christ them I say to you HALLELUJAH THANK YOU FATHER FOR LETTING ME LIVE IN A TIME SUCH AS THESE.

5th As far as Rush goes he’s not a bad person just misguided but I can’t hold that against him.

6th But as for you my Friend thanks for praying with me. I know you know the truth.

Thanks Dwayne for the comments. I give you credit for being a little right. Just joking well thought out.


This one I expressed my thoughts about how I thought China was slowly taking us over.

My good friend Steve dropped me a line to straighten me out.

He has been trying to keep me straight for many years. I am sure he will agree that it is a full time job.

Thanks for the comment Steve.

>>>>They will stop exporting to the U.S.<<<<

Would they? I very much doubt it. That would be a prime example of “cutting your nose off to spite your face.”

The total US market is a HUGE percentage of China’s GNP. They may complain, whine, and even threaten, but I just don’t think they have the nads to cut off the US market.

Even if they did, other countries would quickly step in to take up the slack. We would suffer some in the short term, until the other nations caught up in quality and quantity, but China would suffer a heck of a lot more in the long run.


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