I often criticize President Obama on this blog. Frankly, I just don’t see things like he does.

Yet, on the piracy thing I must agree, I think he did a good job. I thought he might have held out just a little to long. You have to bear in mind that things always look different when you are setting in your recliner watching TV.

Ever man on Sunday afternoon is a seasoned coach when the game is on. I am sure I to suffer from that 20/20 hind sight that is so popular.

I can’t help but wonder how Jimmy Carter would have handled this whole thing. I would guess we would still be negotiating as the pirates pulled into port and disappeared.

If Ronald Reagen had been in charge, I can assure you things would have been different.

He would have penned a letter to the Captain’s wife telling her he died a hero. Then he would have dropped a bomb and blew everything within a mile up.

All in all President Obama did a good job.

One thing I am afraid the world hasn’t figured out yet though. Pirates and dictators seldom play by the rules.

The British had the same problem with us. We refused to line up and play fair. We hung out of trees and shot at them with squirrel rifles.

Funny isn’t. Getting bigger and richer sure doesn’t make you smarter.

I am sure Dwayne would say it and I agree with it. We need to pray for our president. He has a big job on his hands.

Still when I disagree with him I am going to write about it. After all there were too many squirrel hunters that died in order for me to do just that.

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One Comment on “Pirates”

  1. Deanna Says:

    I was very pleased to see that Captain released alive. I was afraid it wasn’t going to end that way. A lot of brave men in that situation.

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