Homeland Security threats maybe any of the following.

1. Anyone, that the economic downturn has effected in a negative way.

2. If a person doesn’t like the idea, that Barrack Obama is half-black.
(If they view him as half-white, they should be ranked an orange threat rather than a red.)

3. If he or she has a problem with, illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. and taking jobs. Over running the already over crowded schools and receiving free medical care as well as welfare.

You can easily spot these people. They are typically hard working average Americans.

The only thing that might camouflage them is the fact that they come in all colors and sizes. Many are even legal immigrants that jumped through all the hoops to become citizens.

4. The standouts are returning war veterans. They have been brainwashed to the fact that they were fighting to protect this country.

The government knows if they fell for that old line. They might fall for something even more patriotic like closing the borders. In short, they may have left young men and women. Now Benny Thompson and we at Homeland Security sees them as terrorist want to be’s.

5. Finally, another red flag for spies working for Homeland Security. Any body leaving a super market with more than one week’s worth of tea bags.

Remember, at Homeland Security. We know things. We know where these suspects are and where they live. By the power vested in us we will watch them, follow them, and be there when they make their first move.

Our enemies are smart. They appear innocent, when in fact they are a danger to this country. That old lady may look like she is having a cup of tea. Remember that looks can be deceiving. The truth is she is on her way to a tea party. A good rule of thumb is. Never trust any one with a tea bag.

A note from gary.

I am sure the last time people felt this safe was when Hitler had the Nazis watching over everyone.

I’ll end today with a simple prayer.

God please bless the American people. If you don’t we are in real trouble.


At some time in your life, you will most likely feel as if God has given up on you. My advice is. Don’t give up on Him.


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