Internet Junkie

Hello, my name is Gary. I am a Internet junkie.

Years ago when I got my first computer I used MSN as my server. I think it came with the computer. Any way after six months, one  day I received a bill for over two hundred dollars.

I wasn’t for sure if I owed it or not. I tried to email them but never got an answer. I even tried calling them. The computer that answered, offered me a menu that listed about 200 options. None of which  explained my bill.

Out of frustration, I emailed them and stated I was stopping payment on my credit card if someone didn’t call me. It was set up to withdraw automatically each month.

Two days later I called American Express and requested a stop payment. Two days after that they cut  off my service.

At the time I thought  that I used this silly machine too much any way.  Pam never came near it and it was only my toy.

It wasn’t long before I was having Internet withdrawals. I set down one night and wrote the poem or whatever that follows.

Two days after that I bite the bullet and paid the bill. Back then I was on dial-up. I did change my servers to, AOL. I thought  that AOL wasn’t as addictive. Sure they aren’t.

It wasn’t long that dial up could no longer satisfy me. I took the next step and went to DSL. This met my needs for a while. Then I started main lining. I moved up to cable.

A while later I took my first any only step to recovery. I admited that I was addicted. Today we might have to skimp on groceries but the cable bill gets paid.

Don’t be thinking this is silly. Some of you are just as hooked as I am. If you don’t think so. Cut off your computer for a week.

I just canceled my Internet
Oh how I remember the day we met
Early December and outside it was cold
As I powered up I felt so bold
Soon we were friends
We soon began to blend
We traveled in a whirlwind
Never knowing what lay around the next bend
Hours each night I would chat
Often lying about who sat under my hat
I talked to a girl in Georgia named Savannah
She had a sister named Hannah
Her calling was to teach
But most of all she loved the beach
Now she is gone with all the rest
I wish each of you the very best
I feel as if I flunked a big test
My wonderful net has gone
Oh my I feel so very alone
Maybe some day if I am good
I will once again hear, “you got mail”

But for now I will mourn
A friend from me has been torn
This wonderful friend showed me so much
Yet none of it I could ever touch
Oh my heart breaks to think if only the bill had been paid
You surely would have stayed
It was MSN and me
Now there is no longer we
This is Garytalker@MSN
Saying I miss you  my wonderful friend.

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One Comment on “Internet Junkie”

  1. _joey_ Says:

    This blog’s where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

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