Have you ever thought just how important they are?

I would guess that who and where we are was based on the decisions we have made.

If you are a Christian or an atheist, it was because you made a decision. If you ever went on a diet and lost weight, it was a decision.

The presidential election is normally called Decision and whatever year it happens to be.

Part of our decision to elect someone to represent us is based on how that person makes decisions.

We make decision all day long. Yet, for most of us they are still difficult. The bigger the decision the more we stress.

We often even stress over little decisions. Where to eat lunch, what to wear, what movie to go see.

Have you ever stressed over what channel to watch?

I have been bombarded with decisions the last few months. Most of them dealing with jobs and finances.

For the most part, I have decided to turn them over to the Lord. For some reason, he doesn’t seem to mind making them.

There is a reason for that. You and I are always worried that our decisions will be wrong based on the fact we don’t know what tomorrow brings. He does so there is no stress. It is often then stressful for us to follow his decision. We ask him to lead us but at some point fear kicks in and we without admitting it think maybe he is wrong.

If not we wonder if we heard him right. All this is a fancy way of saying our faith is weak and our worries are strong.

I have been in sales for years. Nothing is ever sold until someone makes a decision.

I have found the one thing that holds customers back is the fear that they are having some bit of information held from them.

We all for the most part feel like we could make better decisions if we simply had more information.

What man or woman in there right mind looking for a mate shares all the information?

I love you; my mother is ugly and fat. She hates men and has done time in jail for beating up one. Everyone says I am just like her.

Yeah, I bet she shared this little tid bit of information right after the proposal.

How many salespeople say? That looks like throw up on you. I wouldn’t bury my dog in that outfit.

No we have to try to make decisions based on a cup that is only half filled with information.

Some of us will not even ask questions. We had rather make a stupid decision than take a chance on asking a stupid question.

I have made a decision. I am tired of writing on this blog today. Now if I can only figure out what I want to do next.

I’ll ask Pam she never has a problem making a decision about what I should do next. To bad most of the time, it has something to do with a mop, broom, garbage can, or shovel.

If you decide to come back tomorrow, I will see you then. If you can’t decide come on back any way.


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One Comment on “Decision”

  1. mrred Says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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