Yesterday I wrote about how difficult it is to make decisions. I stated that no one really enjoyed doing it but still it was part of life.

Today I thought I might write about waiting. If decision making is hard, waiting has to be the worse. I know nothing that will stop time or at least slow it to a crawl like waiting.

I can remember waiting for that last bell to ring before school was out. All of sudden fifteen minutes became an hour and fifteen minutes.

When your mother or dad says go in there and wait on me. I will be there in a minute. Yeah, name me one time they were in there in a minute.

Have you ever heard someone say? Let me think about that just a little. My question is. What is a little? Most of the time when someone has told me that. It seemed to me as if they were trying to work out the world’s hardest math equation in their head. They thought about it a lot rather than a little. Seconds are a little. Minutes are a lot.

If you need to think about it a while simply say, “I’ll get back with you on that.”

Have you ever been in the bank waiting to get a loan approved? I mean all they have to say is yes or no. Most the time they already know before you fill out the application if they are going to loan you the money or not.

I guess all the waiting and face making, makes them feel more important. After all what can be lorded over someone legally, that causes as much stress as waiting.

Now what about this? You feel in your spirit the Lord saying wait. I know His time is not our time. If I ever misunderstood that, it became clear the first time that He told me to be still and wait. The Lord seems to enjoy making us wait. Maybe it is his way of slowing us down and making us think.

Now if you would like to place your brain in the red zone try this. Wait before you make the final decision on something. Then wait to see if you made the right decision. Be prepared this might cause some melt down.

They say if it doesn’t kill you that, it will make you stronger.

I have never heard any one die from waiting or making a decision. They must make us stronger in some way.

I have heard of people making the wrong decision or waiting to long and dying.

I will leave you with a couple of questions that has always puzzled me.

Why do you have to wait longer at a red light when you are late for work?

Why do you always have to wait longer for the server to come by and fill your glass after you swallowed something hot?

Sorry I can’t wait any longer. I have to go.


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One Comment on “Wait”

  1. Davis Says:

    wow, I know that feeling. I also worry a lot, but I call it “thinking through a problem”

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