Book of LIFE

The rains poured that morning and so poured the tears of the old author. He knew the rider was on the storm. When he woke that morning, the voices weren’t with him for the first time in his memory. It was over and they had gone on to guide yet another young wordsmith through life.

He cried, not for himself or out of fear, but for all the undone things, he would leave behind. The rider would soon be there to guide him through the final sentences of the last chapter. These would be paragraphs he couldn’t ease into, with one foot still  dangling in the previous. He would have to write these paragraphs as clear-headed as he had wrote the ones in the beginning.

He thought how amazing that he had no choice about starting this book and now he had no choice in finishing it. He had total control on how all the other chapters had been written. Now, looking back he saw many mistakes and much happiness. His book was thick for the short time he had to write it. It was filled with anger, happiness, love, and wonder. Often all of the above could be found in the same chapter.

He began to flip the pages faster for he could hear the rider drawing nearer. The thunder that preceded him was louder than the rest. Lightning lit his way. No one could avoid the rider. The old man knew this well for the voices had explained it in detail to him many years before. They had explained that some day they would leave and the rider would come.

“Where will he take me?” The young man had asked. The voices could only say that they were not allowed near the place. At that young age he was puzzled and wanted to know why they couldn’t accompany him there. After all, they had been with him since the first chapter.

They explained if they went then he couldn’t truly call where he was going, peace. The old man stopped and then began to read slowly. These were chapters concerning his children. He didn’t seem to be in them much. He questioned why his name wasn’t mentioned more. Then he realized that he wasn’t around much. He was always working.

He thought how sad not to have been a part of the best chapters of your own life. Another chapters contained great pride, sadness, and happiness in the same lines. It was the pages containing his daughter’s wedding. He felt saddened that he had to give up his baby. Yet, pride that she turned out so wonderful and beautiful. He also felt happiness for what he knew lay in front of her.

The thunder grew louder and the lightning grew brighter. The end was near. The tears continued to flow. They flowed, both for what he couldn’t change and for the excitement of being able to write the closing lines.

He now started to read faster. There were romances, marriages, and almost marriages. One outstanding love affair was so great it took a whole chapter itself. Even as he reread this chapter, he still felt a great sense of lost.

Long after all the things of his youth were gone. After the chapters of his productive years were written, this one romance still was woven into each chapter. Now that the voices were no longer with him, now there was nothing but the end. The thought of that chapter still rang clear in his mind. Although she had been taken from this earth in her youth.

Finally, with a clap of thunder that was so loud that it deafened the old man, the end came. He softly shut his eyes and then he gently woke. He found himself young again and now he rode the storm.

 He felt the calm that one only can find above the storm. He was experiencing what mere mortals could not begin to imagine. He was now a rider, a rider of the storm. He looked to his right to see a huge thunderhead. In the center was a young, beautiful woman. The one he could only remember.

She smiled, “I have waited long for this moment.” She jumped from the thunderhead she rode and stood by his side. He lay his young and strong arms around her waist. She whispered in his ear, “On earth I had to give you up, now I have you for eternity. My love for you allowed me to come to earth one last time, to guide you to your peace.

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