I just spent most of my Sunday afternoon watching little league baseball. My grandson plays. He started early Saturday morning and played until almost seven o’clock Saturday night. He then returned Sunday afternoon and played until 7:00 Sunday night.

Did I mention that my grandson is only 10 years old and most likely played more baseball in two days than a big leaguer would? Did I mention that he has another game Monday night at 6: 45? I don’t guess I did or the fact that he had played until late Thursday night before this weekend.

Now if he were out in a field in the heat working for the man you would say that is child slavery. Because he was in a hot field and getting paid nothing. That meant he was participating in a sport. I am sure you can see the difference.

Let me explain it another way. If he was a Grey Hound dog and running that many races the animal rights people would be screaming to high heaven.

When I was a kid, little league meant practicing on Wednesday and playing on Friday. Sure the coaches wanted to win then just as they do now. In fact back then I think they screamed more and threw their caps down a lot more.

Every now and then one of the star players would say.” This ain’t’ no fun no more. I’m uh going to mower a yard get some money and go to the show.” With that he would simply get on his bike and leave.

Can you imagine a kid saying that these days? What does playing little league and having fun have in common? After all, there are titles and bragging rights on the line. If every body acted like the kid, that I knew soon the concession stands would be out of business.

Now, what would a little league game be without a $3.00 hamburger and $1.50 cokes. In addition, what about the $4.00 they charge you to park.

These kids today need to wake and smell the coffee. Little league is big business. They are lucky the coach doesn’t call for a midnight practice.

I am happy to report one thing that has not changed since my children and  I played. That is the coach’s kid still gets to either pitch or play first base no matter how bad he is. If he looses the game that is okay to. If he has his finger up his nose when the ball is coming at him so be it.

I am sure we will be forgiven for not going to church Sunday night. After all, we made it to the finals. Come Monday that fact most likely want mean any thing to the kids but we will have bragging rights.

The only thing the minors have on little league is that they charge $5.00 for a hamburger.

That is understandable to. They have to pay their players and they even demand a day off ever now and then.

Batter up.

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