Early Morning

I awoke early this morning. It was not my intention to do so. I had stayed up past 1:00 last night finishing a book I couldn’t lay down.

 The sunlight woke me. I had left the window up last night for the breeze. I had also opened the blinds to get the most out of the cool morning air.

 I didn’t relieze at the time that I was inviting the early morning sun in. After I woke, I laid there. It was a nice breeze coming through the window. The honey suckles I had planted years ago are in bloom and the fragrance was flowing in on the mild breeze.

 As I lay still, I heard a bird singing. Odd, I am sure they sing every morning. My yard has many trees. This morning though was the first morning I had taken the time to listen in a very long time.

 I was fully awake but I kept my eyes closed. It was just one of those wonderful times. My brain had not started filtering through all the things I had to do today. In fact, it hadn’t even slipped into its problem-solving mode yet.

 After a few minutes, I rolled over and looked out the window at the tree that stands close to my window. It’s leaves are only a couple of months old. They are fresh and tender. Most likely they are greener now than they will be the rest of the year.

 I smiled and ask myself. How many mornings has this wonderful play been performed and I simply slept through it.

 I would love to tell you my sweet wife came in next and brought me a cup of coffee and set down on the edge of the bed and declared how blessed she was to have me.

 If I wrote that then the play would be a comedy. It wasn’t a comedy any more than it was a tragedy. No, it was God simply whispering to me that this was the first morning of the rest of my life.

 After a few more minutes, I decide to get up and share these events with you before all the things that happen in a day come alone and makes me forget.

 I hope you are invited to God’s little theater very soon. Better still, I hope you go when you are invited.

Have a good day I certainly plan to.


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