A Angry Generation

Anger has to be one of the strangest emotions that animal’s possess.

 It seldom ever does any thing constructive. For the most part, it is wasteful. Allow me to explain.

 I wrote about Mayor Melton yesterday and I have often written about President Obama.

 These two men seemed to provoke more anger than the average person.

 Frank is gone now. My question is this. Do you think he cared about how mad he made the average person? I not only say he didn’t I will also say he couldn’t. He had no way of knowing how mad he made John Doe. What am I getting at? John Doe and thousands of others wasted there anger. It not only accomplished nothing but more important Frank didn’t know him so it had no effect on him.

 Have you ever thought it was funny you made someone mad. I must confess I have. That meant that the only one bearing any thing negative was the person that was mad.

 I can get as angry as I want with Obama. I can call him names and threaten to change stations when he comes on TV. Still it is my blood pressure rising. It is my time being taken up with the anger. I am the one looking like an idiot and I am the one acting like a idiot.

 In fact, the more I think about getting angry the madder it makes me because of what I am doing to myself.

 You might act out anger and either harm someone physically or hurt their feelings. Still most of the times you get more back than you put out.

 Think about it a wise man doesn’t allow him self to get angry. To him it isn’t worth ruining his health or wasting his valuable time.

 The Bible says it is possible to become angry and not sin.

 There are those rare times in life that we have to get angry before we can do the right thing. I don’t believe that is a problem that most of us deal with on a regular bases.

 I have to stop writing now. It is making me angry just thinking about how much time I have wasted being angry.

 Have a great day. The best way to do that is to forgive someone and forget why he or she made you angry in the first place. The fact of the matter they might not even know you are angry and if they do it isn’t ruining their day.


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