You Pick’m

I know this a rather strange title. Allow me to start today with the following disclaimer. My last glass of wine was this past Christmas. We had Christmas supper rather than dinner. I can’t remember the one before that.

It has been many years since I have had a beer or a hard drank. My last cigarette was in the spring of 1983. My last joint or marijuana cigarette was April of 1970.

 I said all this to say that I don’t care for any of the above in any special way. If all three suddenly vanished, I most likely wouldn’t care one little bit.

Now with that said, I would like to say if only one of the above could be legal and it was up to me I would make it marijuana.

 I am sure some of you are saying right now, “I can’t believe he wrote that.”

Thank about it. You know you believe it. I am subject to write any thing. That is one of the reasons you keep coming back. You are like me you have no idea what I might write next. When I become predictable, I will stop writing this blog.

I must also add that I often do a little research before I attempt some of these subjects. The following is strictly my observation over the years.

I like marijuana better than I do cigarettes because of the following.

1. I have never seen a heavy marijuana smoker in the cancer ward with lung cancer.

 2. I have never seen any one use an inhaler where they could smoke another joint.

3. I have never seen a marijuana user get up and spit oysters in the morning.

4. I have never known any one personally that caught the bed on fire while smoking marijuana.

5. I have never heard any one beg someone for a marijuana cigarette and say that they are going to have nicotine fit if they didn’t get one.

6. When I smoked marijuana in the late 60’s the herb was almost three times stronger than it is now. What people smoke today we would have considered sticks and trash.

7. Cigarettes are more addictive than ever and have more chemical compounds than ever before.

8. A pack of cigarettes weighs 1.1 ounce. I have seen many people smoke three ounces of tobacco in a day trying to reach a satisfaction level. I have never known any one to smoke 3 ounces of weed on a daily bases.

Why I like weed more than alcohol.

1 I have never heard a mother say a pot smoker killed my child.

2. Alcohol tends to make most people hyperactive. Pot makes almost everyone mellow.

3. Alcohol typically makes you drive faster. If any one can get you to drive at all after smoking pot, you normally drive about half the speed limit. You just simply aren’t in a hurry.

That is what catches the attention of the police very often.

4. When I was in the army I was in the M.P.’s. We were often called to someone’s house. The man had gotten drunk and was either beating his wife or tearing up the house. I was never once called because someone was smoking pot and got violent.

5. I have known people that missed work because they had an alcohol hangover. I have never heard any one missing because of a pot hang over.

6. I have heard that pot is just an introductory drug for something stronger. You best tell that to someone else. I have known my fair share of crack heads. They all started on crack and one or two died on it.

Now you maybe asking why is pot illegal and the other two are legal.

Simple. One it is the drug of the young. By the time you get old enough to push to have it legalized you have stopped using it and have kids of your own. You know by then there is enough crap in the world already and there is no use adding any more.

The other reason is that the whiskey companies have huge highly paid lobbyist. They would spend billions before they would allow the competition.

Now with that said if cigarettes and whiskey are so bad for us why doesn’t the government out law it.

One reason is the lobbyist. Still the biggest reason is the huge sin tax that is generated.

The government’s lifeblood is taxes. The more dangerous they can prove something is the more they can sue and tax it. Think about it. The government can give up a few hundred thousand people each year in order to protect their tax base.whiskey<img cig1

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  1. angie Says:

    I can’t wait to see the comments on this.

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