Have you noticed how many businesses have been going under as of late? Yes, even dealerships that have been around for generation are finally giving in to poor management. That isn’t always the case of course but for the most part any time a business doesn’t make it you don’t have to look much further than its people.

One type business I have noticed has a huge failure rate even when things are good. That is restaurants.

I defiantly believe they go under 90% of the time because of their people. Every now and then, there is a food served that is just a flash and people quickly tire of it.

Think about this a moment and see if you have ever found yourself in any of these spots.

You are told there is a 30-minute wait for a table. At the end of forty minutes, you interrupt the little girl that took your name and ask her about the wait. She looks at her friend whom she is talking to rolls her eyes up and then looks at her clipboard.

Again, she rolls her eyes up and says. “Sir, there should be one coming up in about ten minutes. We are just very busy tonight.”

Another words you are an idiot for coming on such a busy night to dump a goodly portion of your weekly check here.

Finally, after another fifteen minutes your name is called. No hello or welcome. Simply a come this way. Her mother never taught her to say please.

On the way to the table you pass at least five other tables. Each ranging from two chairs to six. All are clean and waiting for the next customers. You wonder about the couple behind you. The older couple that the lady said her feet was killing her.

I recently went to Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits for lunch. I walked in at fifteen minutes after twelve. I paid my order on a nasty counter with a young girl with a tattoo on her hand a ring in her noise.

“We’s be out of chicken. Theys just put some in the grease.”

I had to ask. “You name has chicken in it and you don’t have chicken?”

“That’s right. I jest takes the money. I don’t cook it.”

I looked at her dirty fingernails and said. “That is a good thing. About how long you think it will be? About twenty minutes. The first batch goes to those folks already waiting.”

“May I speak to the manager?”

“What for she don’t cook the chicken?”

“I just wanted to tell her what a great job you’re doing.”

“Latishisa”, the girls hollers over her shoulder. “This here man wants to tell you what a good jobs I be doing.”

“Latisha hollers back, “Good, its going to be 20 minutes before the next batch of chicken is going to be ready.”

“I see may I just have my money back. I haven’t got that long to wait?”

“Latisha, he wants his money back. Come on up here.”

She then turns to me. “I don’t know how to make the cash register give it back. Have a seat and Latisha will be up here in a minute.”

I am simply amazed how people will spend a half million dollars or more to build a business and then hire the cheapest labor they can find. They must give them an I do not care test before hiring them.

What if your local hamburger joint charged a dime extra and called it a get it right the first time charge. I am all in on that. You would save twice that in time and gas, not to mention brain cells.


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2 Comments on “Business”

  1. angie Says:

    is this a true story????

  2. gary Simmons Says:

    Truer words I have never written

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