Ten Lies its Okay to Tell A Car Salesman

1. I got your deal beat.
customer hasn’t even shopped any where else.

2. I gotta think about it.
I am going to go and shop you.

3. I have perfect credit.
30 years ago

4.I’ll be back later.
Has no intention of ever coming back.

5. I know the dealer he always gives me a extra good deal.
You seen him on a  commercial one time.

6. I got a better payment down the street.
Didn’t even get financed down the street.

7. They got one just like it down the street for a $1,000.00 less.
The one down the street has 40,000 more miles with a cracked windshield and it needs tires.

8. Never had any trouble out of this car.
It doesn’t start acting up until it gets hot. I’ll be lone gone by then.

9.I need to talk to my wife before I a make a final decision.
You have been divorced for ten years. Your wife left you because you lied so much.

10.I am not going to trade.
After I get your best price I will tell you I have changed my mind. Then I will get mad because all you can give me is wholesale for my trade.

There must be a eleventh commandment that I missed. Its okay to lie to a salesman.

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