My computer has been on the blink the last week. I have had to skip a day or so in my writing as well as use other computers. This makes blogging just a little difficult. Sorry about that. I am afraid my machine is getting older just like the guy that is tapping on the keys.

 You find out something strange when your computer goes down. That is it has almost come a part of you.

 The first thing I do in the morning is check my mail. The second thing is check the blog to see what kind of traffic I have been receiving.

 I thought about just how much we have become dependent on these machines.

 I read the news on my computer. I visit friends that I have never met nor will ever meet here.

 Funny years ago when I first got it I visited all the chat sites. I met people from around the world. Some were the most interesting people I ever met. We emailed back and forth several times a day. Then every one of them either got tired of me or I got tired of them and we simply stopped answering each other’s mail.

 These close friendships normally lasted about a day or so. Every thing is fast with the computer. One day a guy in France is your new best friend and the next you don’t   remember his name.

 When I want to cook something I have never cooked before I go on line. There I find the recipe along with instructions of how to cook it. Read down a little further and there are comments from people that have tried it.

 I read a lot. Before I would think about laying down $25.00 for a new book I go on line and find out about it.

 Yes this machine touches almost ever part of my life.

 People find mates on line and freaks find other freaks.

 I think in short the computer has shrunk our world. Maybe it has made it just a little too small.

 Maybe some of us need to think we are the only ones like ourselves. I am sure we could all actually think a little more on our own instead of letting the computer do it for us.

 Good or bad I for one can’t live without mine. Like I said in the beginning this machine has become part of life.

 Who knows I may look up a funeral home and make all my arrangements on line. That way I can shop around and don’t have to talk to an undertaker face to face.

 In fact if my wife is reading this block, bury my computer with me. You know just in case I need to check my mail. Just joking.

 Have a great day.


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One Comment on “Computer”

  1. sandysays1 Says:

    Mine always fails right before a deadline

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