Yesterday was Memorial Day. I had to work. I am afraid I was a little preoccupied. I should have been thinking of soldiers that gave their all and I was thinking more about going home early and or selling something. It worked out that neither of the above happen.

Maybe you were too busy also. I hope you didn’t have to work. Still traveling and a day at the beach can steal a lot of thought time.

I will be honest here. It is often hard for me to have personal sincere thoughts of people I have never met.

I am blessed that all the people I know or knew by the grace of God came home from war. My grandfather was in World War I. My uncle was in World War II. My father-n-law served during the Korean Conflict and so on. In fact, my son-n-law flies in and out of harms way as a pilot at least once a month now.

Still, I have never lost any one close to me in a war. That maybe why I find it a little hard to truly remembers these fine men and women.

It’s like praying for someone. I simply could never pray as hard for a total stranger as say I could for one of my children or grandchildren.

I don’t say this lightly. I have been asked to pray for people and over people many times. I have never refused. Still I always felt as if I could have or should have done more.

With this said, I will explain where all this is going.

I think that today I will reflect on the people that I know that is in the arm forces or maybe joining during the next twelve months. Then I will ask God to protect them and keep them safe until next Memorial Day.

A scripture tells us to allow the dead to take care of the dead. Today I plan to ask

God to take care of the living.

Just a thought

A man once told me that living with a woman was a lot like living with a rat.

Things simply go better when there is some cheese in the house.

I agree, money is not the answer but it sure will help until you can find the answer.


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