How many is too many??????

I am wondering something. We live in a world where everyone is in the bed with someone else. I mean by this every country in the world now has a list of friends and enemies.

When it comes to North Korea, it is no different from the rest. They may have a short list of friends and a long list of enemies but they to have lists.

I am sure the USA is on their list of countries to aggravate.

 I am also confident that China is on their very short friend list.

 Now my question is this. If the leader of N Korea wakes up in the morning and presses a couple of buttons before breakfast what happens.

 Oh, just to keep it interesting let us say one button is to launch a nuclear warhead at Japan. The other is pointed southward to Seoul, South Korea.

 We have agreements to help protect both of these countries. After all that is just the kind of country we are.

 That is fine and good as for as I am concerned. Just for saying though, what if China says set down Mr. Obama. What do we do next?

 After all, as I have said before you cannot go to war with your banker.

Oh just one more thing even if China decides to stay neutral. How many wars can we fight at once? Do you think Iran may say? They are all tied up. Its time to attack Israel. If so what will we do? It is a proven fact that Europe has no belly for fighting. Once more we will be out there on our own.

 Just a thought for the day.


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