R.I.P. and Family Wedding Pics


A true redneck wedding. Notice on the left that the bride is also kin to a mermaid.

Now that you have had your laugh here is my rant for the day.The Republican Party is dead. If it isn’t I would suggest strongly someone go get a priest and have its last rights read .

 The sad part is that the death was self-inflicted. I would feel better if I could say the Democrats finally destroyed it. I simply can’t.

 We have leaders like Colin Powell politicking for Obama. Here is a man that claims to be a pillar of the party. He now says it is time for the party to move closer to him.

I am always amazed when a person demands to be included in a group.Then after they get in the group. They demand  the group to act and look more like them. Mr. Powell has done this to a T.

I want say he infiltrated the party strictly to aid the democrats but it certainly smells that way.

 The republicans are a party that eats it’s young. When John McCain lost his run for office, the first thing he did was praise Obama. The second was to attack his running mate.

 Trent Lott makes a stupid remark at a going away party and the democrats demand his head. The Republicans sharpen the axe for them.

 Newt  Gingrich says something stupid and out on his ear he goes.

The vice president and the house speaker says something stupid everyday. The media and the republicans simply smile.

 Every day for the last 4 years people including the Republican Party criticized George Bush and his handling of one war.

 Today President Obama is over seeing two with two more on the way and you hardly ever hear a negative comment. You don’t even hear one from the Republicans.

 The republicans have all but rolled over to Obama’s new Supreme Court nominee.

 You know what I think? This country is ripe for a third party. One that looks different from the other two. Frankly, the Republicans at times look more like Democrats than the Democrats look like themselves.

 I say lets run Rush Limbaugh. Do I get a second?


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