Henry Ford builds a T model. A few years later someone decided his or her car need a carport. After all, it was like a member of the family. By then people were actually naming their cars. It was a mixture of happiness and sadness when the family traded old Bessie in.

That’s were not enough for my trade started. The proud owner thought, after all a member of the family has to be worth a lot. Not long after that, someone decided that their car deserved more. We began building them their own room. It came with its own door and window.

Now with that in mind you can easily understand how we took something as simple as church and made it what it is today.

Before you think I am going to start talking bad about church, I am not. I like church. I go just about every Sunday. I have taught Sunday school and have even set on the board of my last church.

Still I find it amazing how we have taken something so simple and have grown it to what it is today.

It’s my understanding in the beginning people met at someone’s house that had a large enough room to hold ten to fifty people. There they sung with out any musical help and then set around and listen to a speaker talk about Jesus.

There were no bibles then so the teaching was delivered as Jesus so often did. The speaker told stories. The better the storyteller the more effective the speaker.

They set around, ate together, and shared what money they had along with their problems. Like any small group, it took on many characteristics of a family. They developed this one for all mentality.

They invited their friends to the meetings and in return, they invited their friends.

We have kept the basics over the years. Still think about it. Like the car, we are always improving. I wonder if we don’t run as many people off as we bring in sometimes.

Today we have glass churches and drive in churches. Today we broadcast our message by professional speakers across every airway we know of.

Today we have paid musicians and at large churches such as mine we put on close to Broadway productions.

If you need something, you have to fill a form out. Then you must get approved. If you want to be a member of the bride of Christ, You must be voted in.

Well that’s enough. Oh one more thing and then I will stop. I just paid my tithe on line Thursday night. No more passing the bucket for me.

You may notice that I didn’t mention Sunday school. That is my personal favorite new invention. I wasn’t about to place any shade on it.

Seriously, I have nothing against any of the above. I just find it strange why we can’t ever leave any thing alone.

 Just to let you know how much things have changed in my life. I remember when a mama and daddy could raise ten kids. Today it takes a village to raise one.

Have a good Sunday and may God bless each of you very much.

By the way thanks for keeping on coming back.


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One Comment on “CHURCH”

  1. aemes1 Says:

    Good thoughts….I can’t help but wonder how much of what we actually do as “church” is what God intends us to do, or is actually effective for his kingdom. I can find myself cynical and hopeful all in a moment at times!

    Haha – I pay my tithe online, too. And just suck up the pride on Sunday mornings that makes me feel embarassed to pass the bucket by. 😉

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