How do you determine what season you are in today?

Maybe you know what angel the sun is. The exact length of day light. Maybe you simply wait for the weatherman to tell you.

My whole life I have made up the seasons by what holiday it is or what is happening in my life.

Summer may be a certain time of year for everyone else. For me it starts each year on Labor Day. The middle of summer is always 4 July for me. Summer ends and fall begins the day school starts back. Winter begins on the afternoon of Thanksgiving. Mid winter is Christmas day. Winter ends the last day of March. Spring starts the first day of April. You know April showers bring May flowers. It is odd how things stick in your head.

I even have seasons of my life. As I write this, I am in the fall. By the way, fall is my least special season. I am a summer person always have been. Life begins when you are born or conceived depending on your personal belief. Which ever you choose is when spring begins as for as I am concerned.

 Before you write back, I am against abortion. I was referring to the beginning only in terms of breathing outside the womb as for as seasons go. I am sure and I wouldn’t argue that we are planted in the earliest of spring. Now did I take care of that?

Any way spring goes from zero or -9 months to, we turn twenty-one. At that point, summer begins. It last until we are forty-five. As we turn forty-five we quietly or at least we should quietly move into fall. This seems the hardest transition for most of us. There is just something about summer we don’t like giving up.

The fall of our lives start here. It is a time of reflections. We look back at our spring and smile. Then we study what we sowed in the summer and what we harvested. Often there is both rows of joy as well as regret.

Between sixty-five and sixty-seven, we ease into winter. A day or two before spring gets here we move on were the next seed can bloom. So goes the seasons in my mind.

Then we go to where summer is forever. That is if we don’t mess up our first try at the seasons.

 Have a great day whatever season you are in today.


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